Where The Journey Begin


Fipper detonated the Malaysian market and led the trend with the first rubber flip flop Classic series with elephant logo and two-color matching. Relying on the knowledge of natural rubber and the special and exclusive formula, Fipper has the characteristic of using natural rubber even for shoe laces. From the old-fashioned blue and white slippers that can only be seen in street stalls, to the well-known and popular love of attracting groups of foreign tourists, Fipper has become a must-buy souvenir and fashion in Malaysia.


2009-Market Demand


In 2009, Fipper launched more series to meet market demand. Including optimizing the shoelace and shoe body design, creating a slender and gorgeous women's flip flop Slim, with elegant thin straps, which is more fresh and gentle. Also specially designed colorful Junior styles for children, using reassuring natural rubber to protect children's little feet.At the same time, Fipper also launched the Slick series with higher rubber content for men to achieve higher load-bearing capacity and better abrasion resistance, so that Fipper flip-flops can go farther and are durable..


2010-Journey in International Market


In 2010, Fipper expanded rapidly in the Southeast Asian market under the model of a commercial authorized agent. The countries and regions it touched include Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, Mauritius, South Korea and Singapore. In the next few years, it successfully opened markets in Europe, Australia, Republic of China (Taiwan) & Japan. There are more than 100 offline stores, all over China and abroad.


2014-Open Headquater in Bali


In 2014, Fipper decided to set up a branch in Bali, Indonesia to cope with the rapidly expanding Southeast Asian market.


2017-Ecommerce Malaysia


In 2017, Fipper put part of its efforts and resources on the e-commerce market, which had an uncertain prospect at the time, and started an online sales journey..


2019-Tmall Global


In November 2019, Fipper also opened an overseas flagship store on Tmall Global. During the live broadcast cooperation with anchors such as Sydney, Chen Jie kiki, Chao Ran, etc., during the peak season, it once jumped to the top 1 in the category.


2020-Fippercafe & Brand Ambassador


In 2020, the world's first fippercafé was opened in Legian, a tourist area in Bali.The well-known Malaysian singer Andi Bernadee spoke for Fipper, which attracted the attention of many young audiences and made the new men's sandals Trekker sold out. In Mainland China, Fipper also cooperated with Liu Tao to live broadcast the goods, letting more people know that high-quality natural rubber flip flops are already on sale on Tmall International. .











2009 年,fipper乘胜追击推出了更多系列来迎合市场需求。 包括优化鞋带鞋身设计,打造纤细绚丽的女款人字拖Slim,优雅细带,更显清新温柔。 也为儿童特别设计了多彩Junior款式,用令人安心的天然橡胶,保护小孩的小脚丫。 同时fipper也为男士推出了橡胶含量更高的Slick系列,以达到更高的承重量及更好的耐磨性,让fipper人字拖能走的更远,经久耐穿。




















2020年在巴厘岛的旅游区Legian开设了全球第一间fippercafé。 2020年,马来西亚知名歌手Andi Bernadee为fipper代言,吸引了许多年轻受众的注意,让新品男士凉鞋Trekker一售即空。而在中国内地,fipper也与刘涛合作直播带货,让更多人知道优质的天然橡胶人字拖已在天猫国际售卖。