Get to Know Fipper, Malaysia’s Premiere Footwear Brand


Welcome to Fipper


Started by Jack Lim in 2008, Fipper has since expanded from Malaysia to international markets in Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, and more. Since we started, we’ve opened over 100 physical and online retailers to bring Fipper closer to customers.  Revenue-wise, our company is showing a positive growth trend, which we aim to maintain and drive to further maturity.


Fipper is gaining steady popularity in various markets because we bring stylish yet affordable footwear to individuals wanting to transition from a relaxed to an active lifestyle. As a result, we’ve nurtured a good company reputation among footwear lovers because we turn basic footwear into a fashion statement.


Why Customers Love Fipper

Our 100% natural rubber sandals are bouncy and springy, making Fippereanz feel like they’re walking on a cloud. Not only are our slippers functional, but they are also stylish and highly affordable compared to other brands. Our loyal fanbase can definitely “Feel The Rubber,” a difference that makes us stand out among our competitors.


Fippereanz of all ages enjoys our styles ranging from toddlers to juniors to daily use to specialized footwear. There’s plenty to choose from since our classic yet vibrant designs provide a modern take on the natural rubber experience. Our flip flops and sandals also feature extra arch support and a slip-resistant sole, making them an effortless mix of comfort and style that’s great for indoor and outdoor use.



A Decade of Standing Out

Over the last decade, we’ve focused on providing customers with a huge variety of products, colours, and designs to choose from. We want to bring this comfort and affordability closer to audiences, so we’ve been hosting slipper truck roadshows, offering timely promotional offers, and creating ads across various media platforms for footwear enthusiasts.


In 2018, Fipper celebrated our 10th anniversary in the footwear business. We’ve sold over 20 styles and hundreds of colourways in the last decade. In the same year, the Malaysia Book of Records acknowledged our achievements. We received two recognitions: The Most Multicoloured Slipper produced in Malaysia and The Biggest Slipper Replica.


We also give our loyal customers a chance to give customized Fipper products to their family and peers for souvenirs, gifts, and corporate items. In addition, we’ve expanded to other merchandise such as towels, caps, and food ware.


Feel the Rubber!

Fipper takes pride in our loyal fanbase, who have proved over time that they value the quality and care that we put in our products. In fact, several of our business partners are Fippereanz who decided to open their Fipper stores in their territory.


We’re not stopping there. We continue to find partners who have the same passion for footwear that is geared towards comfort and style. Get in touch with us to find out how to be the newest Fipper business partner today!